Ocean Beach surfing is a year round affair with surfers waking up before dawn and others staying well past sunset on a daily basis to tackle some of the best San Diego waves that the Pacific Ocean offers.

Ocean Beach Surfing Spots:

  • Newport Avenue Beach is where most surfers go in OB as there is a surfing-only section of the beach from the OB Pier to directly in front of the lifeguard station at tower two. Those pushing the limits can be seen surfing under the OB Pier riding the wave from one side to the other while avoiding the pier’s concrete posts.
  • On the northern edge of Dog Beach is a rock jetty that creates a small break and has become a popular spot for local surfers.
  • From the rock jetty at the Cape May Avenue beach northward to the end of Dog Beach is surfing friendly area.
  • Many local surfers head just south of OB to Sunset Cliffs and the tip of Point Loma where they make their way down from thee cliffs via trails and in certain spots stairs.

Surfing OB

The surfing videos feature some of the best Southern California surfers as they go for a ride in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.

The Ocean Beach surfing video below highlights of one of the surfing competitions held annually in southern California. Several surf competitions happen in Ocean Beach each year at the Newport Avenue beach.

In the Ocean Beach, California surfing video below, someone films from the Ocean Beach Pier surfers riding waves underneath, a stunt known locally as “shooting the pier”. The daring maneuver combines skill, courage and precise timing in order to avoid the concrete legs that support the pier.

Ocean Beach and the entire Point Loma Peninsula is one of the top destinations for surfers in San Diego. Many locals regularly wave ride near the OB Pier and near the jetties that are located along the Ocean Beach beaches.

beach surfing San Diego

Surfers make their way to the waves to catch the next set. A few times each year the waves swell high enough to hit the bottom of the pier and forces the pier to close because of the danger.



Ocean Beach has always been a popular place for surfers who regularly catch the waves along the Point Loma Peninsula. The top spot is around the Ocean Beach Pier where all day long dozens of surfers can be found riding the waves. Some of the more talented and courageous surfers will ‘shoot the pier’ meaning they will ride a wave underneath the pier from one side to the other. Other popular spots for surfing in Ocean Beach are near the jetties that stretch out from the beach, especially the one located at the northern end of Dog Beach where the San Diego River inlet is located.

Waves are generally in the 4-6 foot range, though several times per year the conditions create waves that can reach well beyond 8 feet.

With surfing as popular as it is in San Diego it is no surprise that many surf shops rent and sell surfboards in Ocean Beach.
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