The Ocean Beach fishing opportunities are primarily on the Ocean Beach San Diego Fishing Pier at the end of Niagara Avenue. With almost a mile of railing, the OB Pier as it is better known, allows for fishing year round at all hours of the day and night. When fishing from the pier, you are not required to have a fishing license. Next to the OB Pier Cafe in the middle of the pier is a small bait and tackle shop which even rents poles to those looking to spend a little bit of time fishing but do not have their own gear. Many people take advantage of the free fishing from the pier because not only is it free, but it is also a challenge and a great pastime spent with friends and family. There is no overhead casting allowed on the pier. Generally speaking, the end of the pier which splits into a ‘T’ is where the larger fish are caught since the depth of the water is about 25 feet. Catching lobster with traps is allowed only during season.

[blockquote]No fishing license is required for anyone fishing from the Ocean Beach Pier, however catch regulations are enforced.[/blockquote]

The common fish you will see people catch off the Ocean Beach Pier:

  • topsmelt
  • mackerel
  • bass
  • kelp bass
  • sand bass
  • variety of perch
  • bonito
  • scorpionfish
  • halibut
  • California lobster

The pier is open 24 hours per day and the bathrooms on the pier are handicap accessible. Fish cleaning stations are located in several spots along the piers railing. The pier is managed by the City of San Diego, Parks and Recreation Department. It is easy to rent fishing poles at the Ocean Beach bait shop which is right between the pier bathrooms and the Pier Cafe.