Sports and activities outdoors  are a big part of life for those living in San Diego. Ocean Beach has plenty of options for those looking to get some sporty exercise.

The pier itself is so long that it makes for a great walk. A long walk on the beach from the pier to dog beach can take about 15 minutes.

Bicycles in Ocean Beach are very commonplace. The most common style bikes are beach cruisers, ridden by locals from their home to the beach, to get food or to simply cruise.

The parks in Ocean Beach offer plenty of fields and courts including baseball, tennis, basketball and soccer. The expansive free space allows for playing catch with Frisbees and footballs or any number of other games and sports.

Working out in Ocean Beach means you have a few different options. The Robb Field gym you can join for 3 months for less than $100. Yoga and other specialized exercise classes can be found at Namaste Yoga Center a business on Voltaire Street. Outdoor aerobic type classes where you meet-up with a group and an instructor and exercise on the beach can be found by searching the Internet.

The Ocean Beach Recreation Center is really responsible for offering a huge variety of activities and sports to locals with their tournament and league offerings that include kickball and dodge ball. The OB Rec also offers defense classes, ballet classes, tumbling and gymnastics classes. The open gym for basketball is almost always full of players making use of the two side-by-side short length courts inside the gym. The outdoor court is where many people practice their jump shot and play games of 21.

The skate park always seems full of young people. Anyone using the skate park should be wearing all safety gear including a helmet. Skateboards are nearly as popular as beach cruisers as a means to get around town.

surfing Ocean Beach California

Surfing in Ocean Beach is the unofficial favorite pastime for locals.

Surfing Ocean Beach

Surfing the waves is probably the sport that has the most participants as hundreds of surfers make their way to the beach every single day. There are certain areas where surfing is not allowed. These areas, notably to the right of the lifeguard station, is reserved for swimming and boogie boarding.

Dog beach is a great place for you and your pet to expend some energy. You will usually see many dogs catching balls and frisbees and chasing each other during all daylight hours.

Enjoy your favorite beach activity. One of the most popular beach activities is volleyball, and many beach volleyball courts are set-up at the Long Branch Avenue beach.

Fishing in Ocean Beach off the Pier is done everyday from before sunrise to well after the sun has set. Hundreds of fishermen fish daily off the pier and there is a fishing tackle shop that sells bait and rents fishing poles located near the end of the pier. Fishing off the pier does not require a fishing license.

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The San Diego Chargers fans dominate the scene as it does pretty much everywhere in San Diego. The Padres who play a few miles away at downtown’s PetCo Park have a beautiful stadium and can make for a great family activity, especially when popular teams from other cities visit. In Ocean Beach there are several sports bars that offer a great chance to watch baseball, football, hockey, basketball, racing, tennis or golf. Tiny’s Tavern, Nick’s at the Pier and Mother’s Saloon are notable locations to catch the sports action.

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