Ocean Beach sunset

Everyday many OBceans and visitors enjoy the amazing Ocean Beach sunsets from all over town. Whether walking along the OB Pier or sitting on a bench on top of the cliffs you are sure to see why these sun-setting spots are so spectacular. These Ocean Beach sunset pictures try to capture some of the magic you can experience when you watch the panoramic Pacific Ocean views from around the neighborhood.


Sunsetting at the beach beach sidewalk at sunset Ocean Pier at Sunset Ocean Beach sunset OB Pier.

This photograph of the Ocean Beach sunsetting behind the OB Pier is taken from Abbott Street looking across the sidewalk and beach.

A sunset on one of the residential avenues in Ocean Beach

Lucky for many residents of Ocean Beach is the geography of OB. The fact that many OB residences are built on the hill that gradually builds-up as you get further away from the beach. This provides magnificent views for so many people especially during sunsets.

Ocean Beach sunset from Santa Cruz Street

The Ocean Beach sunset from the corner of Santa Cruz Street and Cable Street displays the amazing colors that light up the sky during a fantastic San Diego sunset.


Bright sun setting on the largest ocean in the world, the Pacific Ocean. This OB sunset comes from the beach a block north of Newport Avenue at the Santa Monica Avenue beach.


Many Pacific Ocean beach towns on the west coast provide awesome opportunities to watch sunsets. The California sunsets are seemingly always colorful as they light up the sky with brilliant orange, red, purple, yellow and more colors. The bright and deep colors that can be seen each evening fascinate thousands of people watching on a nightly basis. The Ocean Beach sunsets are a great example of this opportunity to see a panoramic view of the brilliant colors created by the sun setting into the Pacific Ocean. This San Diego neighborhood’s sunsets can be enjoyed from many popular spots with some of the best being the beaches, the Ocean Beach Pier and from on top of the cliffs. These Ocean Beach sunsets can be really picturesque if a sailboat is sailing on the horizon.