Petroglyphs which are better known as rock engravings are logogram and pictogram images made by taking away some of the rock surface by carving, picking, incising and abrading. The Ocean Beach cliffs are phenomenal places to try doing some rock art petroglyphs as the rock surface is soft enough due to the type of rock and the daily contact with salt water. Tens of thousands have done rock engravings along the walking cliffs of Ocean Beach. Most of these drawings have disappeared over time as the proximity to the water allows for the surface of the cliff rocks to be smoothed over. Many of these drawings are more than just the ‘so and so was here’ or ‘I love so and so’ type. The noteworthy rock engravings really show a sense of artistic skill and creativity. The ocean cliff petroglyphs provide plenty of entertainment for those passing by until the rock engraving is faded from being washed away by the ocean.

Ocean Beach Petroglyphs – Rock Engravings

These pictures capture some of the rock engravings stumbled upon over time at the OB Cliffs.ob-rock-drawing