Beach mural

Ocean Beach artwork reflects the easygoing vibe of OB. From sculptures to murals the OB street art is simply, way cool!

Thanks to all the great Ocean Beach artists from the past, the present and the future as all of their creative, colorful designs have really brightened up OB.



The Ocean Beach Cliffs are loaded with artwork as evidenced by the many petroglyphs (rock engravings) you will find there.

OB-famous-muralsOB-mural OB-muralsocean-beach-murals

One type of art that has become increasingly popular in Ocean Beach is photography. A couple of the local professional photographers sell their pictures at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market. Similarly, many amateur photographers can be found in OB taking pictures of the many interesting things here such as the Ocean Beach Pier, Newport Avenue, surfers and the waves along the beach and cliffs.

Often you will find small jewelry craftsman selling their art on the street around Newport Avenue. Many use unique materials, like copper, colorful stones, wire and hemp to create an artistic balance between form and function.

Spray Can Artistocean-beach-artwork-muralart-on-the-cliffs Ocean Beach Street Fair mural project mural-at-one-of-the-newport-avenue-parking-lotsmural-on-bacon-street-near-newport-avenueocean-beach-muraltagged-faces-at-walking-cliffs Beach art sunset Beach town mural art human statue City art on infrastructure Beach street art murals street muralArtists Alley Street FairBaseball Street Performer