The appropriately named Miracle Mile runs for a few blocks along Ocean Beach’s most traveled street – Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. Along the Miracle Mile are several different places of worship that welcomes people from all backgrounds. The neighborhood greatly benefits with the community involvement events hosted by these holy centers. A favorite example is the St. Peter’s by the Sea pet mass, known as The Blessing of the Animals.

  • Sacred Heart Church
  • OB1 First Baptist Church
  • St. Peter’s by the Sea Lutheran Church
  • Episcopal Church Center
  • Point Loma United Methodist Church
  • Newbreak Church Ocean Beach

Miracle Mile Ocean Beach churches

Sacred Heart Catholic Church on the Miracle Mile of Ocean Beach

Sacred Heart Church

The Sacred Heart Church of Ocean Beach is a Catholic Church located on the stretch of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard known as the Ministry Mile. Established on May 10, 1911, the church is well over a hundred years old. As the local population grew, the church was rebuilt from the small, original structures to much larger ones during the 1940’s. Stained glass windows and arches make for a great atmosphere of worship.

Catholic Church in Ocean Beach

Notable was the opening of the Sacred Heart Academy in 1948, a Catholic elementary school that is located at 4895 Saratoga Avenue. The school which has less than 200 students, has been well distinguished as one of the best Core Knowledge schools in California.

Sacred Heart has a real focus on community involvement and improving the lives of those less fortunate in the area. The youth program attracts twenty and thirty year olds to meet new people, develop their faith together, and opportunities for volunteer service in the neighborhood. Every other Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm, volunteers help feed the local homeless population in the Sacred Heart Parish Hall.

Sacred Heart Church of Ocean Beach mass schedule:
Saturday – 4:30pm
Sunday – 7:30am, 9:00am, 11:00am and 5:30pm
Weekdays – 8:00am

Sacred Heart Church

4776 Saratoga Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 224-2746

Catholic Church San Diego

church stained glass window

Sacred Heart Ocean Beach mass schedule

Ocean Beach Catholic church

Sacred Heart since 1946

Sacred Heart Church entrance way

Episcopal Church Center

Founded in 1922, the Episcopal Church Center opens its doors for all people to have a place to go for peace and sanctuary. A diverse community that focuses on living the message of Jesus Christ.

Trinity Chapel/Episcopal Church Center
2083 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92138
(619) 823-8998

Homelessness in Ocean Beach and in San Diego in general is something that is real. The fact remains that many people live in the city without a real place to call home. It is a sad situation, and in one case an Episcopal bishop is trying to help. Bishop Jim Mathes will be washing the feet of homeless people in Ocean Beach. The event took place on April 5, 2012 at the Episcopal Church Center, 2083 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, San Diego, in the courtyard in an effort to raise awareness about homelessness and to let our homeless population know they are not invisible; they are loved.

Episcopal Church Center of Ocean Beach local bishop helps the homeless

The Episcopal Diocese led by the bishop regularly hosts events that benefit the community such as washing the feet of homeless people and putting new shoes and socks on them. The event was also a way to connect the homeless with legal, medical and social services to help with permanent change in their lives.

OB1 First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church of Ocean Beach which is aptly named OB1 has reinvented itself over the past decade by focusing to “open the doors, warm up the service, and lift up praise.” In the neighborhood OB1 has grown because of a mixture of positive things people look for in the church they choose. The sermons are challenging and down to Earth. The talented worship band’s live music is so good that many people compare it to going to a concert every Sunday. The worshipers of this Ocean Beach church note that people can be themselves and talk openly about their problems. Several OB1 Church events are held regularly throughout the year to benefit the community and encourage members to interact with one another.  Not only does the First Baptist Church of Ocean Beach have an outstanding children’s program, but they also give away free coffee and donuts every Sunday.

The casual atmosphere and lively music combined with messages that you can relate with make the OB1 Church one of the most inviting places of worship in all of San Diego. The church is located on what has been named Ministry Mile as it makes up one of several different denominations within a few blocks of one another along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.

OB1 First Baptist Church of Ocean Beach

Sunday services at 9:00am and 10:30am

4790 Santa Monica Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92107
(619) 223-7187

First Baptist Church in Ocean Beach

First Baptist Church in Ocean Beach, San Diego California

OB Baptist Church

OB One Church

OB1 Church First Baptist

Point Loma United Methodist Church

The Point Loma United Methodist Church is one of the most noticeable landmarks in Ocean Beach as you drive along the “Miracle Mile” of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. Weekly worship is held on Sunday at 10:30 in the morning and is led by Reverend Phyllis K. Ashe.

The Church is also used for the community events and activities such as the WIC program where the American Red Cross distributes food vouchers to expectant mothers and children.

Point Loma United Methodist Church

1984 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 224-2995

Ocean Beach Methodist Church

United Methodist Church

Point Loma Methodist Church

St Peter’s by the Sea Lutheran Church

St. Peter’s by the Sea Lutheran Church is located near the Pacific Ocean only a couple blocks from Sunset Cliffs.The congregation is about 300 people and there is a strong focus on the love of Christ. The Eucharist Liturgy is on Sunday at 9:30am with Bible study taking place at 8:30am and the Children’s Choir at 8:45.

St. Peter’s by the Sea has a preschool program and provides several other community services. The school is known for having caring staff and even at the preschool age the students are taught letters, numbers, words and a variety of other age appropriate lessons.

The blessing of the animals is one of the notable annual events held at St. Peter’s by the Sea in which dogs, cats birds and other animals are invited to a short outdoor mass in which every animal is blessed. In the summer the annual Fun Fest attracts children to play games, eat food and enjoy the jumping house.

St Peter’s by the Sea Lutheran Church and Preschool

1371 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 224-2894

Newbreak Church Ocean Beach

Newbreak Church Ocean Beach

Newbreak’s Ocean Beach campus is on the corner of Ebers and Cape May. This church is all about reaching out to people in all life-stages, and serving the local community. Members are also passionate about “life groups”–it is through these life groups that they get to know each other better and serve the community together.  weekend services are all about celebrating community with God and with each other through a casual, welcoming environment and relevant, practical teaching. Each service lasts just a little over an hour.  Feel free to dress casual, grab some fresh brewed coffee, and celebrate.

Newbreak Church Ocean Beach. Connect with Pastor Carter at

Sunday services at 9am and 5pm
4694 Cape May Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107
(858) 576-0007