Many online organizations focus on promoting the current events, history and culture of Ocean Beach. Many thanks for the efforts of the individuals who help keep us all informed about life in this beach neighborhood of San Diego. A special thanks goes out to the many volunteers who use their time and resources to support the many awesome local events which make being a part of this community so great.

The 1960’s and 1970’s helped define the vibe in Ocean Beach that to this day is ever present throughout the OB and Point Loma area among residents and businesses. The Ocean Beach Historical Society helps us remember life in Ocean Beach over the years and preserve the history of this town.

The Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association benefits our community by encouraging economic growth and organizing annual events that attract many visitors to Ocean Beach. The work that this group performs is truly outstanding, such as adding the colorful murals on the facades of dozens of local businesses and organizing the annual street fair. Find them on Facebook and look forward to their great daily updates and photos.

The OB Rag is the oldest publication in Ocean Beach and it is a great source for local news and a progressive viewpoint on most issues. Reading old issues of the OB Rag on their website can really give you a sense of the history and challenges of the OB Rag during turbulent times in world history. 

The bigger online news organization in the San Diego area have daily articles on things happening in town. The San Diego Reader Ocean Beach section updates local news stories as they happen within our community and you can also find out the latest by doing a search for Ocean Beach in the San DIego Union Tribune.

There are also useful Ocean Beach websites you can search for that include the Hostel, Ocean Beach Hotel, local food establishments, surf shops, and other businesses.

For a comprehensive list of Ocean Beach contact information the San Diego Parks and Recreation has a detailed webpage devoted to the recreation programs and offered as a community service by the city.

Ocean Beach Park swings