Apartment rental living

Apartments and houses for rent in Ocean Beach are the main options for people looking to live near the beach in this part of San Diego. Rent in Ocean Beach tends to be slightly less expensive than Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, and significantly cheaper than living downtown. Not only is renting here considerably less expensive than other places, but there is usually the right type of rental you may be looking for. Small studio apartments, one and two bedroom condos, town houses, small houses and apartments are available from $600 to several thousand per month depending on type, size and proximity to the beach.

In general, every place you rent in Ocean Beach is going to be within a ten minute walk of the Pacific Ocean and many places that are farther away from the beach on the hill will have great panoramic beach views. Places for rent in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California are often well suited for those on a small budget who like to bicycle, skateboard, surf and enjoy the beach which tends to attract a lot of young adults and young families to this area. Residents of OB have the benefit of benefit of being located at the very end of Interstate 8 making it easy to hop onto the freeway to get to shopping malls, downtown, the airport, the stadium and nearby beaches all within ten to fifteen minutes of your door.

Most places for rent in Ocean Beach are run by property management companies. Several of these property managers oversee many different properties within the neighborhood. The demand for places to rent in this neighborhood is strong, and property managers have been steadily raising rents over time. These companies usually do credit checks on anyone who is going to sign the lease and most places will require a down payment ranging from several hundred dollars to two months rent. Most of the very common two floor apartment complexes that have anywhere between 4-25 units do not have elevators. Many places have a parking spot for one car but many places for rent you will not have that luxury and you will have to find a place to park on the street. Parking on the street is generally not a problem in most places in Ocean Beach, however during popular beach weekends and local events, parking for residents of the neighborhood can be more of a challenge.

Typical single family home in Ocean Beach

Since each street block is rather long, properties stretch a good ways back until they reach the alleyways between streets. This long property characteristic makes it commonplace for some studios and small home rentals here to be located behind the home that is in the front of the house. Along the main business district area that includes streets like Newport Avenue and Abbott Street you may find apartments above or behind the businesses that are on the street. Many places are dog friendly but some restrict based on the dog’s breed.

You can find places to rent here several different ways, but always do your do diligence by asking people about the property and learning more by reading reviews left online of places. Many places vary widely in terms of the condition, view, parking, neighbors, management, price and amenities so consider all the factors before deciding where you want to live. Driving, bicycling or walking up and down the streets of Ocean Beach you can see many signs advertising place to rent. Many apartment style places for rent will have a box with a flyer in the front for you to take. If you have a pet and you think you may enjoy taking him to Dog Beach you may want to find a place near West Point Loma Boulevard, Voltaire Street and Muir Avenue. On the other hand, if you enjoy less crowds, more private beach area to read books and relax then choosing a place to rent near Del Monte and Bermuda Avenues which are several blocks away from the busier Newport Avenue area of Ocean Beach.

Things to avoid would be finding yourself signing a lease of a place that is not up to your expectations or meets your needs so if you choose to rent an apartment or house here consider your options and make a well informed decision. For certain places to rent you maybe sharing a wall or be very close to your neighbors. Consider your neighbors because if you can avoid choosing a place near something that might bother you like a neighbor having an annoying barking dog, loud television, or heavy footsteps if they live above you.