Hotels in Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego provide visitors plenty of great places to stay at prices that are usually cheaper than Downtown, Mission Beach or Pacific Beach. Located in Ocean Beach are several independently operated hotels but there are no national franchise hotels.

Most notable, historical and best located hotel in OB is the Ocean Beach Hotel, which is situated where the famous Newport Avenue ends at the intersection of Abbott Street – on the beach. This popular spot to stay in Ocean Beach has a beautiful courtyard area and is surrounded by good places to eat and shop. Of note is the Ocean Beach Hotel’s website that broadcasts a live webcam feed from a camera placed on top of the hotel. Website visitors can check out the ocean waves, the beach, the pier from a distance and parts of the street around the hotel.

Several other hotels in the area offer accommodations that may offer features that may make them the perfect place to stay. For example, the Ocean Villa Inn which is a dog friendly hotel next to dog beach is perfect for those visiting San Diego with pets. Another hotel, the Inn at Sunset Cliffs is situated along the cliffs and several blocks away from the busier Newport Avenue scene offering guests a peaceful stay with a tremendous view. A rather well known and popular place for travelers is San Diego’s Ocean Beach International Hostel, which offers relatively inexpensive dorm style beds for visitors from outside of San Diego County. There is also A Beach Bed and Breakfast located in a great spot near Newport Avenue.

Ocean Beach Hotel address 5080 Newport Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107 and phone number (619) 223-7191.

Inn at Sunset Cliffs address 1370 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, San Diego and phone number (619) 222-7901.

San Diego’s Ocean Beach International Hostel address 4961 Newport Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107 and phone number (619) 223-7873.

Ocean Villa Inn address 5142 West Point Loma Boulevard,San Diego and phone number (619) 224-3481.

A Beach Bed & Breakfast & Elsbree Vacation Condo address 5054 Narragansett Ave, San Diego, CA 92107 and phone number (619) 226-4133.

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