Beach restaurants

Ocean Beach food options are some of the best in San Diego, California with a wide range of grills, Mexican fare, ice cream, barbecue, sushi, Chinese, deli, breakfast places, health conscience establishments and coffee shops. On this page you will find the best restaurants in each of these categories that can be found in OB.

Grills in Ocean Beach

  • Best Burger in Ocean Beach: Hodads and quite possibly the best burger in San Diego (CNN ranked them in the top 5 nationally). One of the most laid back joints anywhere with a beach style popular with surfers and just about everyone else. 5010 Newport Avenue, its popularity is off the chart as a 30 minute line of people waiting outside to get in which forms on a daily basis can attest to. OB-Hodadshodads-hamburger

Hodads San Diego best burger

  • The very scenic, second floor beach-view bar at 5083 Santa Monica Avenue known as Wonderland offers a fun place to hang out with friends.ob-beach-restaurants-bars
  • Shades located at 5083 Santa Monica Avenue behind the OB Lifeguard Station has some great ocean front seating.
  • South Beach Bar and Grill at 5049 Newport Avenue is a prime, people watching location and the absolute best fish tacos (grilled mahi-mahi, shrimp, shark and lobster) anywhere in San Diego so much that this place has been featured on the Food Network’s Top American Restaurants.
  • Livingston’s Chicken Kitchen is hard to miss with its seemingly out-of-place building colors, but just for the record it is located at 5026 Newport Avenue.

Italian Restaurants in OB

  • Surfrider Pizza at 2163 Abbott Street is a fairly priced pizza joint that uses amazingly fresh and delicious toppings on their oven baked pizzas.
  • Pizza Port is the chill place to grab a micro-brew and a slice of hand-tossed pizzas. 1956 Bacon Street.
  • Newport Pizza and Ale House’s motto is “No Crap on Tap” and makes excellent New York Style pizza slices. Most popular for the late night crowd on weekends who stumble in from other bars to satisfy their food cravings. 5050 Newport Avenue.

Newport Pizza San Diego

  • 1776 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard is where an OB favorite is located. Espresso Pizza is small hidden away gem which is well known by locals as one of the best bets for Italian food.
  • Pepe’s Italian, 1830 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, is a family owned Italian Restaurant in Ocean Beach that offers customizable pasta dishes. This dinner spot is one that receives consistent high praise by nearly everyone who visits.
  • Ciao Bella at 4953 Newport Avenue is a nice place to relax for lunch and enjoy delicious pasta dishes.


Places to Eat Breakfast in OB

  • The Old Townhouse Restaurant is awesomeness for waffles, French toast, omelets and bottomless cups of coffee. 4941 Newport Avenue.


  • 5083 Santa Monica Avenue’s Tower Two Cafe is a dog-friendly, patio seating, ocean viewing mixture of perfection great for breakfast or lunch.

Mexican Restaurants in OB

  • Ortega’s Cocina is a heavily visited, casual Mexican food place at 4888 Newport Avenue.
  • El Rodeo at 5060 Newport Avenue is your classic, hole-in-the-wall taco shop which just happens to be in an amazing location.
  • Blue Parrot Bar and Grill at 4993 Niagara Avenue with its outdoor seating makes enjoying a Margarita under the sun the beach utopia experience you crave from a beach town.
  • Bravo’s Mexican Bistro and Cantina at 5001 Newport Avenue is awesome for people watching.
  • At 1852 Bacon Street is the home to one of Ocean Beach’s favorites, serving Mexican dishes for over 50 years is Nati’s.

Mexican restaurant in Ocean Beach

Dessert Spots in OB

  • Without a doubt, the best acai bowl anywhere can be found at the OB Smoothie Bar and Subs. Despite very limited seating, this place gets non-stop business all day from locals who are seemingly addicted to the ultra-healthy, fruit-topped acai bowl which is amazingly delicious. 5001 Newport Avenue.

OB Smoothie Bar

  • 5059 Newport Avenue is the home to the Lighthouse Ice Cream and Yogurt which is really your prototypical ice cream shop.
  • You are in for a treat at the 4820 Newport Avenue Azucar where Cuban delights make mouths happy.
  • 4882 Newport Avenue, Yogurt Farm, is one of the few places in the world where you will find sushi and frozen yogurt being sold side by side.

OB’s Vegetarian Places to Eat

  • Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Cooperative is a co-op market at 4765 Voltaire Street which welcomes everyone, and you can order from the deli or pack a picnic by buying some of the awesome locally grown, organic produce and healthy food options. One of the most common forms of shopping in OB is of course getting groceries. Though there is one locally owned and operated grocery store in OB, many OBceans prefer the People’s co-op to get some of freshest, organic produce and groceries.
  • Peace Pies about 10 blocks away from the beach at 4230 Voltaire Street offers great vegetarian sandwiches, salads and pizzas that are popular with the many health conscience locals. You will see Peace Pies at some of the weekly, local San Diego street markets.
  • Rancho’s Mexican and Vegetarian Cuisine at 1830 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard is well known throughout San Diego.

Barbecue Joints in Ocean Beach

  • Bar-B-Que House at 5025 Newport Avenue is a fast way to fulfill that barbecue craving for tasty meat sandwiches and platters.

Bar-B-Que House

Asian Cuisines in OB

  • OB Noodle House and Sake Bar at 2218 Cable Street is great Asian food. Chinese restaurant on Newport Avenue and Japanese sushi restaurant on Newport Avenue. The OB Noodle House has opened a second restaraunt on 4993 Niagara Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107.
  • Sapporo at 5049 Newport Avenue is your place to find quality sushi selections.
  • Little Chef Chinese at 4902 Newport Avenue is pretty good if you are looking for take-out as no eat-in seating is available for this small place which has not raised their prices in over a decade.
  • 1830 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard is the Thai Time Bistro that offers all your Thai favorites, and although it is not the best Thai in San Diego it is the only one you will find in Ocean Beach.

Sushi restaurant Ocean Beach

Deli’s in OB

  • Since 1965 Poma’s Italian Delicatessen at 1846 Bacon Street has been serving sandwiches and other Italian specialties.

Coffee Shops in OB

  • Jungle Java offers a serene place at 5047 Newport Avenue where you can step away from the busy street and find yourself enjoying your beverage surrounded by plants in their tranquil courtyard.
  • Newbreak at the Beach at 1959 Abbott Street offering free wireless Internet and great bagels and baked goods.


  • 4967 Newport Avenue is Your Mama’s Mug a family owned coffee shop in OB that is known for making great cups of your favorite coffee drinks.

Starbuck’s on Newport.

Beach coffee shop

Best Cafes in OB

  • The most unique place to eat is the Cafe on the Ocean Beach Pier. Literally as far west coast as you can get as the Cafe is right in the middle of the west coast’s longest pier. A great place for a cup of hot chocolate and some snacks. OB-Pier-Cafe
  • The creatively named O’Bistro Cafe at 4934 Voltaire Street makes an excellent sit-down lunch location.


  • Arizona Cafe at 1925 Bacon Street has a full bar and okay service, but the burgers, most notably the sliders, are what stand out. The Arizona Cafe has a prominent place in Ocean Beach history with many notable visitors having performed here over the many decades as a fixture on Bacon Street.


International Restaurants

  • The only French restaurant in Ocean Beach is the Bo Beau at 4996 West Point Loma Boulevard. Clearly one of the best because the food is well priced, the service is good and the cuisine is rather tasty. Closest thing to fine-dining you will find in Ocean Beach.
  • Kaiserhof German American Restaurant, 2253 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, is like being transported to Germany and experiencing the beer gardens, sausages and apple strudel which make German cuisine famous.
  • The Village Kabob Greek Restaurant at 4902 Newport Avenue serves those typical Greek dishes we all love from time to time.
  • The Vine which is a wine lovers paradise that serves some of those meals which nicely complement red and white wines. 1851 Bacon Street.
  • 3rd Corner specializes in world renowned wines and dinner, 2265 Bacon Street. Recommended for Sunday brunch.

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