The weather in Ocean Beach California zip code 92107 is pretty consistent year round. Generally the sky is sunny or partly cloudy. The temperature ranges between the 60’s and 70’s degrees Fahrenheit and as you may expect the temperature drops a bit during the winter and warms up a bit during the summer months.

San Diego has always been known as having the best year round weather in the United States. The weather is one reason people enjoy vacationing in this California beach city because they know that there fun California vacations almost always have good weather and the beaches are less crowded during those perfect summer days.


The Ocean Beach weather is typically a bit cooler than the more inland San Diego area. Because of OB’s proximity to the water there is the likelihood of a few more clouds than inland area which are set further from the water in what is actually a deser. The seemingly perfect climate of southern California is wonderful year round, however earthquakes are something that concerns all residents of California, and San Diego has had its share of earth shaking. Ocean storms that cover the beach and make life unpleasant for locals are usually seen a few times per year. With strong winds, the waves can swell, something many surfers enjoy. A few times each year the waves are so high that  the Ocean Beach pier is closed since the waves are pounding the concrete walkway would make it unsafe for pedestrians.