Famous beach pier

The Ocean Beach Pier which is used for fishing, walking and sight-seeing is the longest concrete pier on the west coast of the United States. Built in 1966 and officially called the San Diego Fishing Pier, the OB Pier really is quite an impressive feat of engineering having to battle the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis. The pier begins where Niagara Avenue ends and can be accessed from the street or by walking up the stairs from the sidewalk behind Niagara Avenue beach. The pier is used by tens of thousands of people each year for everything including romantic strolls, exercise, watching surfers, eating food and of course fishing off the pier where no license is needed

OB-fishing-pierOB-pier-from-street-viewOB-pescadero-avenueunder-the-OB-pierocean-beach-gateocean_beach_pier_cafeocean_beach_pier_endocean_beach_pier_fishing_storeocean_beach_pier_foodocean_beach_pier_from_southocean_beach_tide_signfishing_ocean_beach_pierlongest_pier_ocean_beach view_of_ocean_beachview-of-the-south-side-of-ocean-beach-from-pierwaves-pounding-pierwindow-view-ob-pier-cafeview-of-ocean-beach-from-southern-tip-of-fishing-pierview-of-ocean-beach-pier-from-niagara-avenuesailboat-passing-the-ocean-beach-fishing-piershooting-the-ob-pierstar-on-pier-cafestrolling-down-the-pierrainbow-mist-from-wave-as-seen-from-pierlongest-pier-on-the-west-coastob-pier-in-the-afternoon

With nearly a mile of railing space the OB Pier provides plenty of space for fishermen and those pedestrians just enjoying a scenic walk. The spectacular 360 degree views make visitors to the pier really enjoy their experience. Without a doubt, the views of the Pacific Ocean and the California coast from the panoramic viewpoint of being on the pier is wonderful. But in addition, the sorta unexpected view you will see from the Ocean Beach Pier that is mind blowing is being able to watch surfers riding waves from up close. The blend of uniqueness and awesomeness is how I would describe watching a skilled surfer ride towards you in a barrel. Watching surfers perform tricks from up close is incredible entertainment for just about anyone. The absolute best trick Ocean Beach surfers perform is catching a wave and riding it from one side of the pier to the other while avoiding the concrete support beams that hold up the pier. This is known locally in Ocean Beach as ‘shooting the pier’ and the stunt is incredibly dangerous and hugely entertaining.

Beach and Fishing Pier at sundown