The Ocean Beach Parks and Recreation Department does an excellent job of providing plenty of well kept, open spaces around town for locals and visitors to enjoy.

  • Ocean Beach Park: toddler playground and grassy area next to the Ocean Beach Recreation Center.
  • Robb Field: Sports fields.
  • Dog Beach: Off-leash beach for dogs who love the ocean, sand and socializing.
  • Saratoga Park: Grassy area along the beach.
  • Dog Park: Fenced in area for dogs to play off-leash.
  • Dusty Rhodes: Large open field for activities, sports and pure relaxation. Dog Park located inside Dusty Rhodes Park.
  • Sunset Cliffs State Park: located in Sunset Cliffs just south of Ocean Beach the dog-friendly park provides hiking trails, magnificent ocean views and thousands of beautiful wild flowers.

Ocean Beach Park

Located next to the Ocean Beach Recreation Center is the small Ocean Beach Park which has a popular children’s playground with a swing set for toddlers. A small, tree-shaded grassy area next to the playground can be used for picnics or playing catch.

Ocean Beach Park

Ocean Beach Park playground

Ocean Beach Park Playground on Saratoga Avenue and Ebers Street

Robb Field Ocean Beach

The expansive Robb Field is one of San Diego’s biggest larger parks designed primarily for recreation. The park contains several baseball fields, soccer fields and basketball courts. Plus, Robb Field is home to San Diego’s first skate park in which skateboarders can congregate to improve their skills in large concrete bowls. In addition, the Robb Athletic Field also has a workout gym called the Robb Fitness Club, where a membership can get you access to plenty of free weights, universal equipment, treadmills, elliptical and rowing machines.

  • Two lighted basketball courts
  • Fitness club
  • Eight softball fields, one of which has lights
  • Twelve lighted tennis courts plus a large tennis practice wall
  • Four lighted handball courts
  • Five multiple purpose fields
  • Skate Park for skateboarding
  • One playground for little kids
  • Picnic area
  • Rugby goals and movable soccer nets
  • Meeting room

Saratoga Park

Located along the beach at the end of Saratoga Avenue off of Abbott Street are a couple of grassy areas that can be used for a variety of things. Lots of people relax on the grass here to avoid getting sandy. There are picnic tables, barbecue grills, benches and the lifeguard station and parking lot are located between the two grassy areas.

saratoga park ocean beach

Dog Beach

Dog beach was the first leash-free beach in the United States. Located at the northern most part of Ocean Beach, tens of thousands of dogs visit each year to play with each other, to swim in the ocean, to dig in the sand and to catch frisbees and tennis balls. Dog beach is truly a place where dogs can have an opportunity to run free while owners have an opportunity to relax on the picturesque sandy beach.

Dog Park

The Dusty Rhodes Dog Park is a large fenced in area set-up primarily for canines to run around leash free. With plenty of shade from trees inside the fenced in area and chairs, owners can have the option to relax while their pooch runs and plays with other pooches. This park attracts a lot of regulars who routinely bring their dogs here and you will find plenty of different dogs enjoying the chance to run around. Rarely will you find aggressive dogs in this park as generally all the dogs here usually play nice with each other. A water fountain for dogs, pick-up poop bags and plenty of parking make this one of the best dog parks in San Diego.

Dusty Rhodes Park

The Dusty Rhodes Park which contains the fenced in Dog Park is really just a large field between Nimitz Boulevard, Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and West Point Loma Boulevard. The field has a playground area for kids, a shaded pavilion with tables and bathrooms. Parts of the grassy field is often used by friends and families to practice and play sports like football, rugby, soccer and catch.

OB Clean Up

The beach needs the neighborhood residents and visitors to help keep Ocean Beach clean and looking good. You can always help out during the beach clean-up days that include the clean-up days at dog beach. These monthly events bring community members together to help in making our home beautiful.

OB is also known for being a green community that supports recycling efforts and outdoor activities like bicycle riding, skateboarding, swimming and volleyball. All of these activities are better when the land and water are free of garbage and debris.  Please make the effort to clean-up after yourself, set a good example for others and help protect our precious environment.

We all share this beach community, so thanks for keeping OB clean.