Ocean Beach San Diego Map

The Ocean Beach map shows the grid like design of the streets in Ocean Beach, San Diego. The major street is Sunset Cliffs Boulevard which runs through the middle of Ocean Beach and a major road for people going to and from Interstate 8. Running parallel to Sunset Cliffs Boulevard is Bacon Street, which is a major side street that intersects all of the beach streets from one of OB to the other end. Running perpendicular those streets are the beach streets including the most heavily traveled roads of West Point Loma Boulevard, Voltaire Street, Newport Avenue and Narragansett Avenue.

Ocean Beach map

Sunset Cliffs Boulevard runs perpendicular to every major street in OB that leads to a beach such as Newport Avenue, West Point Loma Boulevard, and Narragansett Avenue.

Nearby neighborhoods in San Diego: The surrounding areas near Ocean Beach are Loma Portal, Point Loma, Sunset Cliffs, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Clairemont, Mission Hills, Old Town, Linda Vista, La Jolla and Downtown San Diego. The San Diego ocean beaches attract millions of visitors each year.

Ocean Beach Streets

  • Sunset Cliffs Boulevard
  • West Point Loma Boulevard
  • Nimitz Boulevard
  • Catalina Boulevard
  • Voltaire Avenue
  • Muir Avenue
  • Spray Street
  • Lotus Street
  • Abbott Street
  • Bacon Street
  • Cable Street
  • Ebers Street
  • Froude Street
  • Guizot Street
  • Venice Street
  • Santa Barbara Street
  • Long Branch Avenue
  • Brighton Avenue
  • Cape May Avenue
  • Saratoga Avenue
  • Santa Monica Avenue
  • Newport Avenue
  • Niagara Avenue
  • Narragansett Avenue
  • Del Monte Avenue
  • Santa Cruz Avenue
  • Coronado Avenue
  • Ocean Front Street
  • Del Mar Avenue
  • Orchard Avenue
  • Pescadero Avenue
  • Bermuda Avenue
  • Green Street
  • Lotus Street
  • Seaside Street

Ocean Beach Geography

  • Adjacent to the Pacific Ocean
  • Western edge of San Diego
  • Estuary of the San Diego River
  • End of Interstate Highway 8
  • Downtown San Diego from Ocean Beach is 7 miles to the southeast
  • Mission Beach and Mission Bay to the north
  • Point Loma to the south
  • 32°45′3.18″N and 117°15′6.13″W
  • San Diego County
  • Zip code 92107