San Diego is a multiple winner of the nationwide dog friendliest city award. One major reason San Diego is so well known for being a pet loving is city is that Ocean Beach is the home of the famous leash-free Dog Beach.

Dog Beach Overall Popularity:Above average for Ocean Beach because so many locals own dogs plus this is destination for many other dog owning residents of San Diego county.
Parking Large parking lot and nearby street parking.
Beach Area Large
Lifeguard Yes
Surfing Yes
Swimming Yes
Dogs Yes
Food Nearby Surfrider Pizza and Voltaire Street businesses are in close walking distance just blocks from the parking lot exit..
Showers Couple hundred yards away for people at the far end of the parking lot, no showers for dogs.
Privacy (Number of Beachgoers) Low, many people and dogs at all hours of the day, though the large area helps find space for you and your pet.
Volleyball Posts No, but they are nearby. Volleball area is located at the far end of the parking lot opposite Dog Beach.
Grassy Picnic Area No, but there is a nearby grassy area with picnic tables on the other side of the parking lot

Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, San Diego is by size absolutely gigantic. Stretching a long way from the San Diego channel to the jetty which runs outward from where Voltaire Streets into the parking lot. Everywhere north or the jetty is Dog Beach, in which dogs can run, swim and fetch off leash. The first off leash dog beach in the United States remains a popular place for our four-legged friends. Literally hundreds of dogs visit Dog Beach each day, and possibly thousands throughout the day during the summer and on weekends. Dog breeds of all varieties can be seen at Dog Beach, though aggressive dog breeds are rarely seen here. Many dogs choose the northern edge of Dog Beach to play which is along the beach that lines the San Diego river channel. The channel sometimes has a strong current, but usually it is slow enough to seem almost like a lazy-river which is ideal for dogs to play fetch in the water. Dog lovers also love this beach because there are so many great places for dog owners to find a nice area of the beach to relax on while their dog enjoys the many beach activities like digging, swimming, chasing, socializing, catching, sniffing and wagging their tales.

Note: Dog Beach is located at the end of West Point Loma Boulevard.

OB Dog Beach


Dog Beach is a leash free area:

  • Clean-up After Your Pet Bring your own poop bag – Trash cans are everywhere.
  • Inlet into Mission Bay Can have a strong current at times – Favorite for many owners and dogs who prefer to play in the water away from the waves.
  • Parking Large parking lot – fills up on summer weekends so arrive early or you may have to park a few blocks away on the street.
  • No shower or hose area for dogs.
  • Bathroom and Shower for people located a few hundred yards away by one of the swimming beaches.

The Dog Wash at 4933 Voltaire Street is the perfect place to bring your dog afterwards for a do-it-yourself dog wash that takes less than 15 minutes and costs $11. Towels, shampoo, scrubber and a dog treat are all included. The Dog Wash is only two blocks from Dog Beach.

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